Masoud Hosseini Golang

In this series article, I want to note some tips during watching Golang courses that are important for me.

Overall points :

  • golang is a compiled programming language
  • like as c and c++ it needs a main function
  • all built in functions are not available like as php and you need to import situble library
  • you cant define unused variable , function or even import unused library.
  • to print we need to import “fmt” library
  • it needs to specify variable type on definitions

some usefull commands:

go mod init mymodule

go run main.go

Golang Data types list

Masoud Hosseini | golang data types

Array and slice in golang

#array : 
var booking [50]string
var booking = [50]string{"masoud"}

var booking []string
or istead of "var" we can use ":="
booking :=[]string

add an index to a slice

append(booking, firstName + "- "+ lastName)

loop in Golang

we have just “for” loop in golang

to ignore a variable you dont want to use you can use “unser line” => “_”

so with Go you need to make unused variables explicit

for example :

firstNames := []string{}
		for _, bookingItem := range booking {
			var names = strings.Fields(bookingItem)
			firstNames = append(firstNames, names[0])

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