Masoud Hosseini, a programmer and supposed to share my experiences here.

I write posts here to share my experiences and make a live reference to help others.

Multiple contents about the web


List of some contents about technologies

I write about other langues and useful tips i learned

Here you will find some small posts about other languages.

My personal writes

What’s going on in my life?

I sometimes write about non categorize …

Probably soft skills

Some soft skills which I wish everyone had

“Let’s have a talk”

as a young person, I’m really eager to communicate with different cultures and people.

I travel a lot in the year to achieve that purpose, also it would make me really happy if I could talk in English with somebody from other nations.

To Talk, just Email me with the address on the content me page.

Cheers, Masoud.

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      public function get_shop_products($shop_id) { $shop = Shop::query() ->where(‘id’ , $shop_id) ->first(); $shop->setRelation(‘products’ , $shop->products()->paginate(10)); return new ShopProductsResource($shop); } Masoud Hosseini

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      Check 80 port on your server : In my case I saw my 80 port have gotten by Nginx but I want to give it to Apache so I used this command : and it worked perfectly

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